Festivals are the prime time for thieves to steal a car because people are busy in so many things that they can’t even keep an eye whatever is going around them. It is the reason due to which many cars are stolen during festivals.

In the United States, more than 55% car theft reports are submitted during the festivals. Another big reason due to which cars are stolen during festivals is that people are in so much hurry that they even forget about locking their cars due to which car theft takes place.

You can’t blame someone else for your own mistakes. You need to be super sharp and active during the festivals. A car is a very expensive investment and you need to be very careful about this investment otherwise, you’ll lose all your money for no reason.

Here we’re going to share some valuable tips from expert locksmiths to keep your car safe during festivals. We’ve even talked to the Great Locksmith in Plano, Texas to bring you the best possible tips.

Let’s take a look at the tips that’ll help you protect your car from thieves.

Security alarms

Car security alarms are very common these days and almost all the new cars come equipped with the standard security alarm. The old car owners can also take benefit of this amazing feature by getting it professionally applied into their car. The security alarm is a very useful invention of the present times.

After the security alarms came into use, the car theft cases have reduced to the greatest level. It is some kind of a cheaper and affordable car insurance.


If you want to protect your car from thieves, you can use the immobilisers in it. The immobilisers keep a car from starting if the wrong key is used to start the car. Immobilisers are also very powerful in protecting your car from thieves. All the new cars come equipped with the immobilisers and they can also be fitted in the older cars as well.

Gearstick locks

Another strong equipment that can prevent protect your car from theft is the gear stick and steering wheel lock. You can find them at cheap rates in the market but we recommend you that you buy the expensive locks as they’ll provide you with the better protection. It’s not easy to break these locks due to their specific design and the material they’re made with.

Tracking system

GPS trackers are one of the most powerful tools to keep your car protected during festivals. You can find out the car’s location whenever and wherever you want. Many tracking companies provide you with the facility to specify a location for your from where the car won’t go out without your permission. The tracker company will ask your permission before letting the car out of that location.

Here are some other ways to keep your car safe from thieves.

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