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Performers of all levels of expertise perform in this festival. The festival gives the stage for the newcomers to show their talents along with the experimental art veterans.

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A festival for all the residents of Houston and beyond. You don’t need to perform to get part of the festival. You can volunteer or just be an audience to appreciate the talent of the local people.

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Thank you for contacting Houston Fringe Festival. Please use the contact form and we'll get back in touch with you as soon as we can.

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5 reasons why you should support local events

Theater, food festivals, art events, etc. can take place in your area. You can support these events to promote local talents and help people lead a fun-filled life in the community.

Allow the younger generation to explore arts

As schools have lots of academic pressure, students may not get enough exposure to art. This is a way to place their attention on art. This way students will start to appreciate art.

Showcase local work

The local people or students can also display their work in these festivals. They get a chance to showcase their talents. This helps to form networks.

They are affordable

Organizing local events are much affordable than organizing national events. So, you can become a sponsor and support the local event.

Great for collecting money for charity

Arranging local events is a great way to save money for charity. Food festivals, in particular, are good options. Everyone loves food. They will spend money to come to these festivals and have a great time.

Nice day out for family

Going to local festivals is a wonderful day out with your family and friends. There are so many things to do in a festival. You will have a very pleasant time.

Cultural events and other festivals are important for the local economy. They attract tourists and small businesses in the community. They often help to raise money for community causes. So, you should attend these local festivals and help your community grow.