What To Do If Your IPhone Gets Damaged

When handling your mobile phone there are several risks that can occur to cause damage to your phone. IPhones are no exception to damages.

There are different kinds of damages that IPhone owners experience and this include a cracked screen, damage of home button, scratches on the backing and water damages.


Cracked Screen


This is one of the most common forms of damage that IPhones users get to experience. When IPhone was created, they didn’t carefully consider the screen strength., they probably didn’t foresee the challenge. However, the more recent IPhones coming out have been well packed to come with a better screen that can withstand day-to-day phone drop.

When your IPhone screen is damaged, you need to take it to a repair shop to fix a new one between $150 to $250.



This is common but not a serious damage to your IPhone.  Scratches on your IPhone don’t affect the functionality of your mobile phone.  Although a scratched screen makes it look less appealing to the eyes.  Click here if that has happened to you.

This can easily fixed by either a complete change of screen or using a screen protector.


Damaged Button


There have been complains by owners of IPhone that after using it for some time the Home button either becomes damaged or stuck. Most times, the stocked home button is as a result of pressing it too hard or touching it with a soiled thumb. This can be fixed when you take it to a phone repair shop.

Water Damage


Water damage is the most common and major damage that occurs mostly as a result of carelessness of the phone owner. Some people make mistakes of dropping their IPhone in the toilets or accidentally spilling beverage on it.

Here is what you should do when you IPhone is damaged as a result of Water.


  • The first thing you need to do is to quickly remove the phone from water.
  • Quickly turn off the power button by pressing and holding the power button, and then slide it to the top of the screen when prompted. The earlier you can turn it off, the better your chances of recovering you IPhnoe.
  • The next thing to do is to get the case off the phone if it is cased, and remove your sim card and memory card. This actually reduces the stress on the phone.
  • Once your sim is removed, try cleaning it an absorbent material gently. This removes the moisture fro every part of the phone.
  • Dry up the phone by placing it in a warm location when air can penetrate and dry up the different part that has been affected by water. Remove the battery if you can while drying.
  • You will need to wait for at least 48 hours into 72 hours just to make sure that every component inside of the phone is drained of water.

Water damage is one of the most common and major damage common with phones and if you are fast enough to go through the procedures, you might just get a free check on your phone.

Health Benefits of Kratom Powder

The ability to relieve pain, boost metabolism, lower blood pressure, prevent diabetes, ease anxiety, improve the immune system, help with addiction, increase sexual energy, induce healthy sleep, and eliminate stress are some of the most interesting health benefits of Kratom.

Kratom is Southeast tree that is widely used there for medicinal purposes. Mitragyna speciosa is the scientific name for this evergreen tree. It has had a very interesting history. It was a natural substitute for the opium therefore, it was banned in Thailand because it was affecting their economy.

Here are some of the major health benefits of Kratom: –

Energy Booster-

One main reason of the popularity of Kratom leaves is the metabolic effects that it has. It impacts hormone levels and optimizes certain metabolic processes in order to increase your energy levels.

This is an aftereffect of expanded course, in spite of its mitigating nature, and a general increment in oxygenated blood to regions of the body that needs it, joining with expanded metabolic exercises to give a burst of vitality.

Pain Relief-

A standout amongst the most evident and broadly known impacts of kratom leaves is pain relief. Since the leaves were first acquainted with their indigenous societies, this has been an essential use, as the pain-relieving properties of the alkaloids and supplements of the leaves can rapidly alleviate torment all through the body by affecting the hormonal framework.

By expanding the measure of serotonin and dopamine that is discharged into the body, agony can be lightened by chewing kratom leaves. Basically, the alkaloids dull the torment receptors all through the body. This morphine or opium-like nature of kratom leaves is generally viewed as its most vital application.

Sexual Stimulant –

This is seen especially on account of sexual moxie and fruitfulness and can be attested in this review list. Kratom is seen by numerous customary specialists and clients as a love potion and a ripeness promoter, as the additional vitality and blood stream can help expand richness, re-stimulate a drained libido, and enhance length/origination rates.

Addiction Recovery –

Because of the naturally solid nature of kratom leaves, in the mix with their scope of impacts, they have been utilized as a technique for curing fixation for a long time. In many societies, opium enslavement is a noteworthy issue, yet consistently biting on kratom leaves gives a comparable sensation without the defeats and negative reactions.

In this way, when individuals are endeavoring to “get perfect” and remain as such, they regularly swing to kratom leaves as a middle of the road arrangement, accordingly making these leaves exceptionally profitable in many parts of the world. This likewise covers withdrawal manifestations amid the move far from that more exceptional medication.

Diabetes –

One of the lesser known advantages of kratom leaves is their impact on glucose levels. Restricted research has demonstrated that the alkaloids found in the leaves can help direct the measure of insulin and glucose that is in the blood, viably keeping the risky pinnacles and troughs that diabetics confront. This can help diabetics deal with their confusion, as well as keep it from creating in any case.

Top 3 Shiatsu Massage Chair Reviews 2017

Massage chair experience is well known to all the people who have been to the spa to relax their muscles and lay off the mental and physical stress. Shiatsu is Japanese bodywork that is based on the theoretical framework of Chinese medicine. All the techniques of shiatsu massage include a lot of finger work. With the advancement in technology and lots of creativity, massage manufacturing companies have designed such massage chairs that are based on the theory of shiatsu massage technique. We’ve done a lot of homework, but for more information, here’s a great article analyzing the best chair for shiatsu massage.  Based on our research though, here are the top 3 shiatsu massage chair reviews of 2017 for your assistance and easy selection. 

Osaki OS-4000 Executive Zero Gravity 

Osaki OS-4000 massage cha
ir offers a solid construction and a stylish design along with exceptional performance. The intelligent massage robot of the chair scans the curve of your body and makes all the adjustments. You can refer it to as a custom made massage chair as all the alterations are made focusing on the lumbar, neck and shoulders. You can customize your massage sessions by selecting among six auto-programs that are: healthcare, smart, relax, circulation, therapy, and demo. There are six massage styles to choose from; they are: rolling, kneading, Swedish, clapping, shiatsu and combo. For more adjustments, there are five speeds and intensity levels.

Inada Sogno Dreamwave 

The movements of the Inada Sogno luxury massage chair are based on the actual motions of a shiatsu massage therapy.It features proprietary technology that provides gentle figure-8 motion to stimulate the balance of the body. It’s one of the best chairs that offer Shiatsu massage function. This ultimate massage chair cradles the whole body and provides massage coverage of over 1,200 square inches. It is the broadest coverage in any massage recliner.  Inada Sogno Dreamwave is a bit expensive as compared to other massage chairs, but it is definitely the best value massage chair.

Full Body Shiatsu Chair Recliner Bed EC-69

The latest robotic technology of this chair offers versatility and high performance of providing a calming and soothing massage therapy. The chair can easily be transformed into a massage bed to enjoy a full body shiatsu massage. It features multiple settings, including rolling, kneading to de-stress and loosen up the kinks and knots, firmness and thumping to improve the flexibility and mobility. It focuses on the leg area the most. The chair’s mode of chop action, tapping and flapping to lose weight and relieve soreness and aches is a unique feature. Shiatsu massage chair EC-69 is easy to operate with the remote control and user-friendly interface.





These are the finest chairs that are based on shiatsu technology. We hope it would now be easier for you to make the final buying decision and enjoy a shiatsu massage therapy at home with a one-time investment.

5 reasons why you should support local events

Theater, food festivals, art events, etc. can take place in your area. You can support these events to promote local talents and help people lead a fun-filled life in the community.

Allow the younger generation to explore arts

As schools have lots of academic pressure, students may not get enough exposure to art. This is a way to place their attention on art. This way students will start to appreciate art.

Showcase local work

The local people or students can also display their work in these festivals. They get a chance to showcase their talents. This helps to form networks.

They are affordable

Organizing local events are much affordable than organizing national events. So, you can become a sponsor and support the local event.

Great for collecting money for charity

Arranging local events is a great way to save money for charity. Food festivals, in particular, are good options. Everyone loves food. They will spend money to come to these festivals and have a great time.

Nice day out for family

Going to local festivals is a wonderful day out with your family and friends. There are so many things to do in a festival. You will have a very pleasant time.

Cultural events and other festivals are important for the local economy. They attract tourists and small businesses in the community. They often help to raise money for community causes. So, you should attend these local festivals and help your community grow.

5 ways to promote your art in the local community

If you are an artist, a very challenging time lies ahead of you. Promoting your art can be tough in this competitive environment. There are people who like to support local artists. There are also opportunities available locally. Here are some tips to market your artwork.

Have local exhibits

These can help you build local following. By exhibiting in your local gallery, you increase the chance of networking with local art folks and improve your profile. You will find a network of art fans and collectors who like to support the local artists. Galleries are not the only place to display your art. You can do it in cafes, schools, office lobbies, banks, etc.

Network with the local art community

Some communities provide funding to promote the local artists. You should participate in local art events and meet people. You should stay current with the local channels to help you find good opportunities.

Contact local businesses

You can get potential art collectors in the business community as well. Many businesses like to support arts. They like to decorate their office with art pieces.

Have contact with the press

There are community newsletters and radio stations who like to feature the profiles of unique characters from the local community. You can get a feature about your artwork by contacting them. You should send emails to newspapers and radio stations and introduce yourself.

Join local charity

You can volunteer to teach art to kids or do a summer school art program for schools. You can join your local charity programs and promote your artwork.

These are very helpful tips that will help you to promote your artwork in your local community. With some effort, you may create a good market for yourself.

4 tips to tell whether an art piece is good or bad

It can be difficult to tell the difference between a good and bad art. It is especially tough for a non-artist to judge art. Here are some tips on how you can judge a piece of visual art.


Your decision of beauty is natural and instinctive. You will see that you are being captivated by the art and can’t take your eyes off it. The aspects of art that are appealing to most people are repeating shapes, symmetry, colors, patterns, textures, compositions, framing, etc.

Skill and technique

You should judge the technical skill of the artist. When you look at a painting, you will be able to tell how skillfully the painting was created. You can do this by comparing the works of others. You can decide which artist is more talented. When you look at the paintings that are on display, you will notice that some are better than the others.


An art is not only visually appealing, it also causes emotion. Some arts can have a really deep meaning, whereas others are just representational. Some people like art with a meaning more than the representational ones. But when you find meaning in the art, you will feel more enjoyment in looking at it.


Good art focuses on new subjects. They also represent old artists in a way that hasn’t been done before. When you look at the art, you should ask yourself what is different about it. You should decide whether the uniqueness is distracting you or is appealing to you.

Look into these aspects when you visit an art gallery or a festival. The knowledge will be helpful in deciding which art piece to buy for decorating your home.