Here’s a helpful guide if your headphones stop working

You’ve already been there – your headphones stopped working out of the blue! While you’re looking for a way to fill in a complaint and send it to the distributor, you should take a moment and think about who’s fault is it. Did you take care of them properly? Did you store them in a safe place? If not, take a minute to read this helpful guide in order to prevent the next pair of headphones from crashing.  If all else fails, you can try and find a contact number and see what support can do.  For example, Littlewoods Wireless is available 24hrs a day…you can contact them here:  Otherwise, follow the tips below!

Test the computer plug

The first thing you need to do it to test your headphones. You will do that by going to the sound settings and check if there’s a problem with driver installation or a component that stopped working causing the lack of sound in the headphones. If anything seems to be okay, you should check out the plug on the back of the computer. Take another pair of headphones or speakers and plug them into the computer. Then make an audio test and find out if they’re working or not. In the case that the other audio device works properly, move on to the next step since the problem is in your headphones.

Test the headphones

If your computer’s audio device plug seems to work, the next thing is to check the headphones. You will do that by plugging them into some other device, like a tablet or a cell phone. If they’re working properly, the problem could be still in the computer (some audio driver or software malfunction). However, if there appears to be a problem with headphones (in case they’re not responding to the new device as well), you should start digging and search for the actual damages outside or inside the headphones.

Check the jack

The most common reason why headphones stop working is in the jack or the plug. Due to not paying enough attention to the way we plug or unplug headphones, there is a possibility that jack was damaged in one of those two situations. Pulling out the jack with force can lead to damaging the coating and the texture on the outside of the piece. If you think that your headphones are not working because of a broken jack, you should replace it with a new one. It’s a 5-minute job which will cost you almost no money and you will have your headphones right back.

Check the cable

Besides pulling the jack from the computer harshly, another reason why your headphones aren’t working is some kind of interruption in the cable. If you haven’t stored it properly – which means picking them up when you’re not using them and folding the cable gently, without tightening it too much – there is a chance that it’s causing your headphones to stop working. In order to find out more about the damage, you should open up the coating and scan for a possible torn wires. When you find the point of departure, take a duct tape and isolate the wires and then put the cable coating back together.

Delta 10 Glass Bongs That Changed The Way We Party

There is a wide variety of top-level and affordable, quality glass bongs available in the market. Glass a heat resistant and transparent material that can be shaped and colored in numerous ways, therefore, it is the ideal material for bongs and water pipes.

The glass is an ideal solution if you want to decrease the unwanted flavor in your smoke. Your glass bong can last a lifetime with proper care and regular cleaning.

Bongs are usually made with the high-quality glass and you’ll find a wide variety of alternatives in the market for every budget. Many pot smokers are unaware of the outstanding benefits of bongs/water pipes.

You must have a look at the awesome variety of the bongs if you have never seen one of these glorious tools before. These delta 9 water pipes become healthier and less harsh on the user’s throat due to the filtering effect that they have.

Beginner friendly: –

If you are a new smoker then glass bong is an ideal method for you to get started. The process of inhalation gets much smoother on the throat with the bubbles that pipe produces during inhalation as compared to smoking blunt or joint.  As it needs much shallower breaths, smoking gets much enjoyable with this specific method.

Smooth smoke: –

This is quite an important detail for most of the people and a lot of smokers start using a water pipe just because of this reason. It decreases the irritation to the least level and bacteria that may stay in the smoke can be killed off with the water.

The cooling sensation provided by water make the inhalation process much cleaner and refreshing. It is a well-known fact that smoker’s vulnerability to different smoking-related conditions such as bronchitis is reduced with the help of bongs and water pipes.

Additional advantages of glass bongs: –

  • They are not only convenient but easy to use too. Users enjoy smoking with glass bongs as they do not heat up like those made of metal.
  • The smoke is a lot different. You actually see the smoke with glass bongs as it fills the chamber.
  • It has more character. Most people believe that with the passage of time these glass bongs become more interesting. Glass bongs get smokier after regular use as they are transparent. These bongs provide the “character” while changing the colors of glass that most smokers love to see in their pipes.
  • Most of the people claim that the taste that glass bongs create are the main reason for their popularity.

The disadvantages of glass bongs: –

  • They are more expensive. You may want to choose a metal pipe if you are on a tight budget. But you must invest in a glass pipe if you are willing to spend more a high-quality smoking product.
  • They are much more breakable.
  • The broken parts cannot be replaced. You definitely have to buy a new one if it breaks as it is one solid piece of glass.
  • They are harder to clean because they cannot be disassembled like a metal pipe.

5 ways to promote your art in the local community

If you are an artist, a very challenging time lies ahead of you. Promoting your art can be tough in this competitive environment. There are people who like to support local artists. There are also opportunities available locally. Here are some tips to market your artwork.

Have local exhibits

These can help you build local following. By exhibiting in your local gallery, you increase the chance of networking with local art folks and improve your profile. You will find a network of art fans and collectors who like to support the local artists. Galleries are not the only place to display your art. You can do it in cafes, schools, office lobbies, banks, etc.

Network with the local art community

Some communities provide funding to promote the local artists. You should participate in local art events and meet people. You should stay current with the local channels to help you find good opportunities.

Contact local businesses

You can get potential art collectors in the business community as well. Many businesses like to support arts. They like to decorate their office with art pieces.

Have contact with the press

There are community newsletters and radio stations who like to feature the profiles of unique characters from the local community. You can get a feature about your artwork by contacting them. You should send emails to newspapers and radio stations and introduce yourself.

Join local charity

You can volunteer to teach art to kids or do a summer school art program for schools. You can join your local charity programs and promote your artwork.

These are very helpful tips that will help you to promote your artwork in your local community. With some effort, you may create a good market for yourself.