4 tips to tell whether an art piece is good or bad

It can be difficult to tell the difference between a good and bad art. It is especially tough for a non-artist to judge art. Here are some tips on how you can judge a piece of visual art.


Your decision of beauty is natural and instinctive. You will see that you are being captivated by the art and can’t take your eyes off it. The aspects of art that are appealing to most people are repeating shapes, symmetry, colors, patterns, textures, compositions, framing, etc.

Skill and technique

You should judge the technical skill of the artist. When you look at a painting, you will be able to tell how skillfully the painting was created. You can do this by comparing the works of others. You can decide which artist is more talented. When you look at the paintings that are on display, you will notice that some are better than the others.


An art is not only visually appealing, it also causes emotion. Some arts can have a really deep meaning, whereas others are just representational. Some people like art with a meaning more than the representational ones. But when you find meaning in the art, you will feel more enjoyment in looking at it.


Good art focuses on new subjects. They also represent old artists in a way that hasn’t been done before. When you look at the art, you should ask yourself what is different about it. You should decide whether the uniqueness is distracting you or is appealing to you.

Look into these aspects when you visit an art gallery or a festival. The knowledge will be helpful in deciding which art piece to buy for decorating your home.