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Performers of all levels of expertise perform in this festival. The festival gives the stage for the newcomers to show their talents along with the experimental art veterans.

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A festival for all the residents of Houston and beyond. You don’t need to perform to get part of the festival. You can volunteer or just be an audience to appreciate the talent of the local people.

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Security Precautions to take Before Every Festival

What would be your concern if you’re going to a big event with your family? Well, the security is one of the major concerns that everybody considers when going to a big event or festival.

If you’re organizing to a big festival, there are several security precautions that you can take in order to provide proper security to the public so that they may feel safe at the event and enjoy the amazing moments with their family. Here are some of the precautions which are necessary for any major event.


Talking to the best security agencies is the first step that you must take in order to keep the festival safe and secure. Agencies are going to help in keeping an eye on the crowd and in case of any suspicious activity they can take immediate action.

The collaboration of security forces with security agencies is extremely important to prevent all kinds of major and minor losses in an event. Thus, security agencies will be able to take action against every suspicious activity as soon as possible.


In most of the cases when an event is about to start, the security guards take their position and welcome the guest by checking their bags for the security purpose. The CCTV cameras will help you keep an eye on several locations at the same time.

The staff will keep an eye on several locations with the help of CCTV cameras and they’ll take immediate action in case of any suspicious activity. You must install CCTV cameras at different points if you’re organizing a festival or a big event.


At the time of providing fast guard service, there should be some medical assistance as well. How are you supposed to help the injured people in case of an accident or emergency?

You must arrange the ambulances so that they can help you out in case of a mishap during the event. Considering the medical services is extremely important when you’re taking security precautions before the event.


What if your plan A is not going well and people are not in your control anymore? What if some terrorist has spoiled the event and your team is not able to capture him because they’re unaware of his intentions?

There should be a backup plan and you should arrange extra security force too which can help you in covering the place. Always plan something extra ordinary for the backup so that you may not have to face any disappointment.


At the time of welcoming the guest, you should go for the security check as well. There are several ways that can be used to find out if someone is carrying something harmful with him. This will also help the visitors feel safe and satisfied.

The Top Music Acts You Should Hold at Your Next Music Festival to Sell Tickets

Music festivals are favorite summer pastimes in many countries. They have not taken a strong hold on music fans throughout different nations with people seeing music in an entirely new and different manner. Booking the top music acts or music bands for your next music festival can turn out to be extremely competitive. This is the reason why it is necessary for you to take the right approach when making your choice. Now, I will not be kidding and say that the entire procedure is going to be easy for you. If it were, well, every individual would be organizing a music festival. Buy Luke Bryan tickets and get your music festival going high on demand among music fans and enthusiasts.

When I was 18, I organized a music festival at my father’s farmhouse. This music festival lasted a couple of days, and around 1000 people turned up for the show. That was a long time back, but I still try to keep that type of nervous spirit and excitement alive in the events that I organize. However, the difference is that now I am fully aware of the things that I am doing. Being an experienced music enthusiast, I always try booking the best and the topmost music acts for my music festivals. I try to limit the audience to 1000; do not have sponsors and aim towards keeping the acts line up small.

In a complete sense, almost every individual can put up a music festival. However, the reality is that it is a task that takes a particular type of individual. It is necessary for you to be detail-oriented and obsessive and also possess the ability to deal with major setbacks. When you are organizing a music festival, always think of those huge community moments when every attendee sings along to the headliners. So, this time, go for the top music acts and make your music festival the largest event in town. Some of the top music acts that you must hold at your next music festival include:

  • Lamb of God is the music band that you must go for. The band has been playing great music for almost twenty years now and has engaged in no-frills agro-metal approach for delivering quality music.
  • Moonlandingz comes in as an offshoot from the Fat White Family guaranteeing madness and chaos with different varieties of dressing up.
  • If you are on the look out of that perfect dance around then, Hackney Colliery Band play will have you covering classic tunes from The Prodigy and Nirvana. These music acts are inspired by New Orleans brass bands offering great fun to the music festival attendees.
  • Then there is Girl Ray, which is an entirely new music band with some lovely harmonies and beautiful songs.
  • Freak is also a new one man music sensation who plays live music.
  • King Nun is also the music band that you can consider for your next music festival.

Whatever might be your choice, it is important that you have an idea of the type of music that your choiceable band deals in. You must always consider the tastes of your audiences.