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Performers of all levels of expertise perform in this festival. The festival gives the stage for the newcomers to show their talents along with the experimental art veterans.

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A festival for all the residents of Houston and beyond. You don’t need to perform to get part of the festival. You can volunteer or just be an audience to appreciate the talent of the local people.

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Why You Should Include Fiber While Eating at Festivals

Fiber plays a vital role in the heart, skin and digestive health. Some of the best sources of fiber include fruits and vegetables, legumes and whole grains. Even though it is not absorbed by the body and has no calories, it has numerous health benefits. Some of the health benefits of fiber include weight loss, assisting in constipation and regulating several gastrointestinal disorders.

Why Fiber is important to your Diet

Soluble fiber
There are 2-types of fiber, soluble fiber, and insoluble fiber. Soluble fiber is essential because it forms a gel in the digestive area slowing the digestion in the body and ensures the body does not absorb too much sugar and starch. Typically, you can find soluble fiber over-the-counter. One of the most popular fiber supplements is chitosan, which is really popular at Spanish festivals where it’s referred to as plano com quitosana, or plan with chitosan. Other good sources of natural soluble fiber are oats, peas, dried beans, citrus fruits, apples, carrots, and barley.

Insoluble fiber
The other type is insoluble fiber. Its main work is absorbing water and building a bulkier stool. Insoluble fiber also helps the bowels move faster through the digestive region. It is beneficial to individuals who suffer from constipation or uneven bowel movement. You can get insoluble fiber in nuts, wheat bran, some vegetables, whole-wheat flour and fruits such as blueberries, grapes, and apples.

Weight loss
Fiber encourages weight loss in many ways. Food rich in fiber takes a more extended period of chewing, allowing your body to think you are full. It prevents you from overeating, and you will feel full for a very long time. After eating fiber, you will not feel hungry between the meals.

Digestive health
Both soluble and insoluble fiber promote digestive health. Fiber helps the body in having even bowel movements and increasing the size and weight of the stool and softening it up. It also reduces the chances of constipation and hardening diarrhea by absorbing water.

Skin health
Eating fiber can help move fungus and yeast out of the body. It prevents them from being emitted through the skin where they can cause rashes or acne.

Control blood sugar
Soluble fiber can help to slow the breakdown of carbohydrates and sugar absorbing in the body, helping with blood sugar control.

Gallstone and kidney stones
Eating a high-fiber diet can reduce the risk of kidney stones and gallstones, mostly because of its ability to blood sugar control.

Heart health
According to several health studies, there is a relationship between fiber and heart attack. People who eat a high-fiber diet have a forty percent lower risk of heart attack.

hawaii fun party festival

Top 5 Hawaiian Festivals to Tour at Some Point in Your Life

The fresh, tropical breeze, the breezes blowing from the East, the vast summer, and the warm winters- – this is Hawaii, an alleged heaven on Earth. You might be a surfer, a swimmer, an artist, or just somebody who needs to find heaven, however regardless of what sort of explorer you are, Hawaii has something for everyone.  Here, you will surely never come up short on motivations to unwind, appreciate, and commend life and nature. Without a doubt a heaven, Hawaii offers unlimited celebrations and occasions. From nourishment rivalries to move exhibitions, and in addition melodic parades and surfing shows, Hawaii offers only the best of fun-in-the-sun exercises and occasions that will abandon you endlessly infatuated with nature.

1 – Merrie Monarch Festival

Hilo, Hawaii Island The vitality, the tension, the hula! Considered “hula’s Olympics,” this yearly celebration held in April transforms Hilo town into the epicenter of the honorific and guileful move. Established in 1963, the exceptionally expected occasion is named after Hawaii’s last prevailing lord, Kalakaua, nicknamed “The Merrie Monarch,” whose affection for Hawaii’s lively social conventions helped start hula’s creative resurgence.


 2 – Salud Festivals All Islands

The biggest Hawaiian social festival in the United States is an occasion worth going for Made “to cultivate the salaam soul through the propagation of the Hawaiian culture and the festival of the differing traditions and customs of Hawaii,” every Hawaiian Island, from Kauai to Hawaii Island, has their own week-long occasions that feature the one of a kind history, interests and figures of its separate island. On Kauai and the Big Island, you may discover exercises with a paniolo (Hawaiian rancher) incline; on Maui, there is a festival commending all things related with Hana.

3 – Waikiki Spam Jam

Location: Waikiki, Oahu Nowhere else on the planet will you discover the affection Hawaii’s neighborhood individuals have for Spam.  Jars upon jars line general store isles here (and in a mind-boggling range of flavors—jalapeno and Wain° spam. anybody?) so it’s just fitting that for one night a year, a festival of Hawaii’s most loved lunch meat spills out onto roads for this great old fashioned festival.

Kalakaua Avenue is closed down for a free piece party that incorporates gift stands and sustenance sellers, including a few noticeable Hawaiian eateries, concocting shocking, inventive dishes that impress even the most stubborn locals.

4 – Hawaii food and wine Festival

Location: Oahu, Maui Hawaii island, Kauai It just continues getting greater and greater—and more flavorful. as well. The Hawaii Food and Wine Festival is a three-day end of the week-long party of neighborhood combination and shrewd culinary pizazz.

Dissimilar to its counterparts in the mainland U.S., Hawaii’s celebration is tied in with featuring new privately sourced fixings from land and ocean.  Sponsored by some of the best Oahu tours in the area, this festival has all the characteristics for a good time.  In years past. innovative cooking subjects have concentrated on everything from steaming dishes of omen to present day elucidations of luau staples.

Thump elbows with Hawaii’s most sizzling culinary experts, and Food Network TV stars with occasions that traverse four separate Hawaiian Islands.

5 – Light Floating Hawaii

Location: Honolulu, Oahu Every member of Oahu’s south shore gets together once a year, with 7,000 lanterns floating in the water, a little paper and wood altars, and many engraved with names and individual messages, to remember those closest to them who they lost. The impactful group convention brings more than 50,000 individuals from everywhere to the world to reflect and recall as the sun sets on Ala Moana Bea. park.  A very emotional and thought provoking get together, this one is truly special.  You can find out more about the lantern floating at the Google Plus Live Your Aloha Hawaiian Tourism page.  The get together additionally incorporates Japanese teiko drum and special Hawaiian oil. At the point when the service finishes up, the lights are assembled for reuse the next year.

Security Precautions to take Before Every Festival

What would be your concern if you’re going to a big event with your family? Well, the security is one of the major concerns that everybody considers when going to a big event or festival.

If you’re organizing to a big festival, there are several security precautions that you can take in order to provide proper security to the public so that they may feel safe at the event and enjoy the amazing moments with their family. Here are some of the precautions which are necessary for any major event.


Talking to the best security agencies is the first step that you must take in order to keep the festival safe and secure. Agencies are going to help in keeping an eye on the crowd and in case of any suspicious activity they can take immediate action.

The collaboration of security forces with security agencies is extremely important to prevent all kinds of major and minor losses in an event. Thus, security agencies will be able to take action against every suspicious activity as soon as possible.


In most of the cases when an event is about to start, the security guards take their position and welcome the guest by checking their bags for the security purpose. The CCTV cameras will help you keep an eye on several locations at the same time.

The staff will keep an eye on several locations with the help of CCTV cameras and they’ll take immediate action in case of any suspicious activity. You must install CCTV cameras at different points if you’re organizing a festival or a big event.


At the time of providing fast guard service, there should be some medical assistance as well. How are you supposed to help the injured people in case of an accident or emergency?

You must arrange the ambulances so that they can help you out in case of a mishap during the event. Considering the medical services is extremely important when you’re taking security precautions before the event.


What if your plan A is not going well and people are not in your control anymore? What if some terrorist has spoiled the event and your team is not able to capture him because they’re unaware of his intentions?

There should be a backup plan and you should arrange extra security force too which can help you in covering the place. Always plan something extra ordinary for the backup so that you may not have to face any disappointment.


At the time of welcoming the guest, you should go for the security check as well. There are several ways that can be used to find out if someone is carrying something harmful with him. This will also help the visitors feel safe and satisfied.